Kingsdown stages to produce hospital beds to help relieve demand during COVID-19 pandemic

Kingsdown has expanded its capabilities to help meet current demand for treatment and recovery beds. Changes include expedited production of its Care Xpress™ program, which includes medical-grade mattresses and specialized motion bed frames.


“We have surveyed our production capabilities, audited our inventory, and determined that Kingsdown can, and will, convert our manufacturing over to hospital and emergency-care grade beds.”

Frank Hood, CEO Kingsdown

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motion care xpress
  • Key Features
  • 5/8’’ Melamine
  • North American grade steel
  • 2 DC Actuators
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Integrated Battery Back-up
  • 4 Telescoping Height Legs
  • Open Architecture
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Load Capacity : 1,000 lbs/455 kgs
Made in North America

The position of fully electric Motion Care Xpress™ base can be adjusted with the press of a button to accommodate whatever sleeping or resting position is desired. Though they are similar to those often found in hospital rooms, these beds combine both residential and hospital bed characteristics.

They are ideal for long-term care facilities, home use or for temporary healthcare facilities during the COVID-19 crisis.

To connect with our sleep products team for treatment, care and recovery bed solutions, please contact the Kingsdown representative in your region.

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